"What can we be?"

CanWe is a new category of app
Social Navigation.

Introduce relationships of all types in your real life!


CanWe introduces the right relationships with the right people.
Community Guides--of any type--can share a digital "Community Compass"
to reveal and "route" a group's hidden social potential.

CanWe is great for introducing hidden social alignments of...

Dorm life. Happy Hours. Mixers. Study Groups. Parties. Young Alumni Meetings. Conferences of all types!

CanWe is NOT a...

Social media. Bulletin board. Chatroom. "Swiping app."  Scroll feed. [We have enough of those!]


Our Social Potential is wasted!


We miss so many opportunities to build meaning with people we have a lot of potential with!


Our mutual social potential is often hidden!

As “connected” as we are on the internet, meaningful in-person connections have diminished, and the US Surgeon General declares we suffer "an epidemic of loneliness" (source).


Thus, we need Social Navigation to effectively introduce and "route" our social aspirations!

 “More than 1 in 3 Americans are lonely”
Harvard Health

Try CanWe at your next gathering!