Who CanWe Helps?

CanWe Community Guides share digital "Community Compass"
to introduce a group's hidden social potential.

CanWe is great for introducing the hidden social potential within...
Dorm life. Study Groups. Happy Hours. Parties. Young Alumni Meetings. Conferences.

Anyone can be a Community Guide or Social Navigator!!!

CanWe Community Guides

...are community leaders who manage social groups in a focused setting.

Dorm leaders. Conference managers. Party planners. Happy Hour hosts.

They invite a group to a CanWe Community Compass they create and manage. (via direct invite or link)

CanWe Social Navigators

...are community members who join social groups in a focused setting.

Dorm mates. Conference attendees. Party attenders. Happy Hour guest.

They join a group's a CanWe Community Compass and set specific interests and relationship intentions they's like to explore ONLY within that group!


CanWe is a fun networking tool that gently introduces and "routes" your specific social aspirations within a social context.

THE CHALLENGES OF GROUP EVENTS:  They can move your life forward but often don't...

It's normal to hate being an awkward wall flower.
Even those with great social skills can't meet everyone!
Those Long "get to know you" conversations truly take a long time.

Meanwhile, flashy showmanship distracts from social substance.
And it's easy to misread ppls intent and if you're actually aligned

Try CanWe at your next gathering!