Solving Social Isolation 

a rant in progress...

"Blue Zones" across the world, where people routinely live happily past 100 years old, have a big thing in common:



However, the U.S. Surgeon General laments Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation.

With social stagnation, our ability to socially aspire and thrive has become the most squandered resource in the world. What friendships are missed next door? What critical advice could’ve saved the day? What career or romantic opportunities “could’ve been?”

Loneliness is social waste. Under-employment is social waste. And in isolation our very physical lives suffer, as even a little socializing is linked to more longevity.

Unfortunately, current social platforms meant to “connect us all”, aren't working. Despite massive connectivity and participation–social media has made GenZ, “the most connected and the most lonely generation to ever live” (Cigna 2018 and that’s pre-pandemic!).  The romance side is even more hopeless, 65% of dating app users are frustrated and leave a platform because they can’t find the relationships they’re looking for! (Google Market Study 2021).


We need new social navigation tools to help quickly ask and answer,
“What can we be…?”

CanWe navigates ambiguous social media and real life “connections”, and introduces real relationships!

Relationships today, and for 10s of thousands of years, have been explored and tested--in a series--where social potential remains hidden until stumbled upon...

Now, with CanWe's Compass facilitated intentional social networking, relationships are explored and tested--in parallel--and our social potential is safely "routed" and revealed earlier!

Social Navigation helps align 

our personal potential 

with our social reality.